Observational Video Improving Teaching & Learning in the Classroom

students-in-classHere at MediaAMP we have always believed in the power of video to improve learning outcomes and the vital role it plays today in educating and engaging students. Integrating video into coursework (as in the flipped classroom model) adds valuable context to new concepts, makes class time more productive, and enhances the student experience. But a recent study highlights another way video can be effective in the classroom: teacher evaluation. By video recording presentations in the classroom, educators can closely observe interactions with students and improve their skills.

Closed Captioning Made Simple: MediaAMP Integrates with AST CaptionSync

Closed captioning has become an important part of online video distributionit’s a best practice that makes your video content accessible to a wider audience. In fact, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently received an Emmy award for its standards work on accessible video captioning and subtitles.

Closed Caption File TypeMediaAMP makes it easy to add closed captions to your online videos. Simply upload a caption file (DFXP, SAMI, SMPTE-TT, or SRT) into your media object and update the file properties in the metadata panel for the new media file.

It’s possible to transcribe your videos and create the necessary caption files on your own, but that can be a time-consuming process. Many people find it easier and more efficient to use a web-based service that handles the transcription and creates the caption files for you. We’re excited to announce that we’ve developed an integration with one of the leaders in this areaAST CaptionSyncto make the process of captioning your videos even simpler.

Unleash the Power of Digital Learning in 2016!

We’re a month into the new yeara time when getting organized is still at the top of the to-do list for many folks. What better time than now to begin addressing the challenges you are facing managing digital media across your institution?

Online-Learning-CroppedWhile over 70% of colleges and universities surveyed in a recent survey by the Babson Survey Research Group indicate that online learning is a strategic priority, almost 80% of respondents believe that a lot of extra effort is needed to make this digital priority happen. Not so with MediaAMP’s Media Management Cloud, education’s most powerful digital media management platform.

Use MediaAMP to automate complex workflows, consolidate content, manage permissions, and increase collaboration across departments.

Here are just a few ways MediaAMP helps higher education institutions achieve their goals: