MediaAMP, a cloud based subscription service providing educational institutions with robust digital media management capabilities, has spun out of the University of Washington’s IT organization as a newly independent company.

Over the past decade, higher education has encountered a fundamental shift towards media-intensive and web-based learning environments, and MediaAMP was invented to address the University’s own internal needs to store, manage, and distribute digital content. MediaAMP secured such strong external customer and partner validation that a move out into the market was the next logical step.

“The time is right to bring MediaAMP services to educational institutions around the globe,” said Laurens Banker, President and CEO. “Interest in our service from other Colleges and Universities, all facing a common set of challenges managing digital content, has been phenomenal.”

MediaAMP is currently in use in more than 35 departments at the University of Washington, Central Washington University, and Arizona State University. The company recently partnered with thePlatform to jointly pursue the Higher Education market.

MediaAMP has become a key pillar of our technology strategy moving forward and we look to them as the unifying service for all of the digital assets we need to collect, manage and deliver,” said Charles Kazilek, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at Arizona State University. “They offer an innovative solution to meet the unique requirements of an institution as large and diverse as ASU.

MediaAMP CloudMediaAMP gives educational institutions a pay-as-you-go solution to centrally manage all digital content including images, audio files, documents, and videos, reducing the burden on internal IT resources. The service integrates with leading lecture capture and learning management systems, enabling unprecedented collaboration, and securely delivers content on any device in a manner compliant with copyright and fair use access restrictions. Content is protected both in transit and at rest—and the system is HIPAA, FERPA, and SCORM-compliant.

“MediaAMP is another great example of how excellent ideas can be developed and proven inside a University and then brought to the world ready for prime time,” said Vikram Jandhyala, UW Vice Provost for Innovation. “We’re excited to watch MediaAMP grow in the years ahead!”

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